Steel structures, metal, prefabricated halls: DeltaTop, Belgrade

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Steel structures, metal, prefabricated halls: DeltaTop, Belgrade

Tolstojeva 4, Split
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Steel constructions

Steel constructions have been engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of steel and metal structures for more than 30 years. The primary activity of the company is based on the production of prestressed reinforced concrete and steel structures.

We are both producers and designers of all the projects we have done so far. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility and exceptional quality of service, we have worked on steel structure projects throughout the region and Europe (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Sweden and other EU countries).

The company has been introduced to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system in all business segments, the company's headquarters are located in Belgrade, and representative offices in BiH and Slovenia.

Thanks to a quality team and production capacity, we are able to meet all market demands regardless of the size and complexity of the steel structure. In addition to these services, our company provides a wide range of other services such as engineering, design, supervision, consulting and consulting services.

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