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Frenquently Asked Questions

Frenquently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a car in Split?

The average price of renting a car in Split is around 25 euros per day for shorter rentals of up to 15 days and for renting a small car (economy class). Car rental prices in Split VARY depending on the season and duration of the rental. The price includes the following:

    • rental of new vehicles
    • full comprehensive insurance
    • unlimited local mileage
    • in some cases, delivery of the vehicle to the desired address.

Do you pay a deposit when you rent a vehicle with us?

We do not charge a deposit to known clients and customers. It very often happens to us that a potential customer wants to rent for one day a luxury vehicle whose value is over 100,000 euros. Unfortunately, in these situations, WE DO NOT APPROVE renting a vehicle WITHOUT PAYING A DEPOSIT and without a certain amount of available money on the client's credit card.

Why do car rental prices change during the year?

Car rental prices in Split and Croatia, as well as in other countries, change several times during the year. The prices are highest during the summer season and during the New Year holidays because then a huge number of tourists and guests from abroad come to Split and Croatia. Considering that in those periods of the year the demand for car rental services and vehicles INCREASES DRASTICALLY and that there are not enough vehicles on the Croatian market, it very often happens that the car rental prices increase by 100%.

What does the booking process look like through the website?

When you make a booking for a specific car or vehicle through our website, you should receive an ANSWER related to the vehicle booking along with the terms of payment and rental conditions in your e-mail. Unfortunately, WE ARE UNABLE TO to confirm the vehicle reservation via e-mail. If the vehicle for which you sent an inquiry is available, our associates from the call center will CALL YOU in order to confirm the reservation of the vehicle. Our associates from the call center WILL NOT CALL you if the vehicle you requested is not available for the specific dates you specified in the inquiry.

So, the car and vehicle booking process through our website work like this:

    • the client sends an INQUIRY through the site
    • we send an ANSWER to the inquiry
    • if the vehicle is available, it will be followed by a CALL from our call center operator and CONFIRMATION of the booking.

When is the car booking through the site confirmed?

Only when our call center operators call you, the reservation is SURELY confirmed.

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